Ride to Rally

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Last year we rode 6,500-miles across the country and set out to raise awareness of the little known fact that 22 veterans are taking their own lives every single day. We were also determined to show our brothers and sisters-at-arms that there is hope for them. During the journey, we interviewed researchers, healthcare providers, and Veterans. Many of the people we encountered had either contemplated or attempted suicide and were able to share the life-saving alternative sources of hope that they had found. Asking hard-hitting questions, opening up about our own struggles, and documenting the journey enabled us to tell an authentic story of healing. The compiled footage ultimately became Project 22 (PBS, 2016) – a documentary that includes powerful interviews with veterans who have found help and support for problems they faced after coming home through various therapies, programs, and alternative healing modalities.


Leaving Los Angeles on July 15th, Daniel and Doc will be riding across the country with Operation Rock The Troops, 22Kill and more en route to Platoon 22’s Rally in the Valley 2016 in Frederick, Maryland. The crew will be making stops along the way and documenting the journey.

We set out on our first ride with the intention of capturing our chance encounters and interviewing people that we met along the way. The footage we were able to cut together told a powerful story of community and recovery but we are ready to expand on that story by adding the powerful female perspective. Our main request following Project 22 has been from female Veterans wanting to share their stories and, although this is as last minute as possible, this trip is the perfect setup to accomplish that! We will be bringing a small camera crew along on the upcoming Ride To Rally with Project 22, in order to interview and share the stories of our Veteran Sisters! This trip is extra special to Doc as he will be bringing two female additions to his life since Project 22, his wife Murielle and his daughter. Adding an extra tinge of special, the project will be produced by Gold Star Wife Snejana Daily, a representative of an often overlooked group – the families left behind by service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.


Rally in the Valley


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